Cream Absolute X


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COSME DECORTE AQ Cream Absolute X has the following features: Reduced the signs of aging induced by environmental factors such as dehydration and loss of elasticity, the cream is enriched with luxurious beauty ingredients for youthful vitality. Wake up to incredibly soft and supple skin with a well-rested glow. It is formulated with Black Soy Nectar™, harnessing the power of carefully selected black soy products. Black Soy Nectar™ consists of fermented black soybean liquid created by fermenting soy milk from black soybeans with lactobacillus and black soybean extract taken from Tamba-Sasayama black soybeans by a unique method. Fragranced with a comforting blend of natural essential oils and aromatics. Paraben free. Dermatologically tested.

Use as the final step in your night skin care routine. Take an appropriate amount on the spatula, dot onto chin, cheeks, nose and forehead. Spread evenly over face.

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