Lipocils Platinium


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TALIKA Lipocils Platinium has the following features: TALIKA’s 1st double-serum day / night eyelash booster. Inspired by research on cellular chronobiology, this revolutionary treatment discovered a brand new key ingredient that multiplies eyelashes, delivering four spectacular actions on the number, length, thickness and pigmentation of lashes. The two serums - Lipocils Platinium Day and Lipocils Platinium Night – work continuously to improve the circadian rhythm of eyelashes day and night. Lipocils Platinium Day provides strong protection for lashes: activates growth during the day and regenerates eyelash cells and root of the lashes deeply. Lipocils Platinium Night awakens sleeping lashes: boosts eyelash growth at the most active stage of the circadian rhythm and strengthens texture and quality of lashes. Scientific efficacy proven by clinical studies and a broad range of innovations confirmed by 8 separate patents.
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