Bird's Nest

Bird's Nest Pearl Moist Mask

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Size 1 box 12 sheets

Bird's Nest Pearl Moist Mask has the following features: The mask contains 35ml Swiftlet nest extract, which is rich in Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), collagen, and Ultra Hyaluronic Acid Complex, helping to make skin firmer and more elastic. Sialic Acid in Swiftlet nest extract is 200 times more than that of Royal Jelly, which enhances skin’s natural healing power and results in tight, beautiful skin. Protein-rich Pearl ingredient repairs skin dryness, dullness and UV damage, making skin appears gleaming white. Also added with soothing Aloe Vera juice and melanin-regulating Chamomile Flower extract for fair looking skin. The active ingredients are encapsulated in micro capsules with double coating that are smaller than the cell intervals of stratum corneum, rapidly delivering excellent moisture, firmness and elasticity to the skin. Free of alcohol, paraben, mineral oil, and colorants; suitable for sensitive skin.
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