Dr. Hauschka

Renewing Night Conditioner

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Size 10 1 ml

Dr. Hauschka Renewing Night Conditioner has the following features: Contains 10 bottles of 1 ml conditioners. Renewing Night Conditioner provides powerful oil-free night care for all skin conditions. This unique blend of rhythmitised ingredients supports the skin's natural processes of night-time renewal; dry skin is encouraged to retain oil and moisture; sensitive skin is soothed; oily, blemished skin is calmed and balanced. All skin conditions, including mature skin, are refined and revitalized. Rhythmitised dilutions of Witch Hazel, Madonna Lily and Silver along with precious Rose, Bryophyllum (Kalanchoe), Marsh Mallow and Sunflower support the skin's essential night-time tasks of cleansing, balancing and renewal. Fortifies and tones skin while balancing oil production.
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